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Angela Foster
FedEx Services


SenseAware powered by FedEx is a first-of-its-kind information service that provides near real-time information about shipments. A multi-sensor device deeply integrated with an easy-to-use yet powerful web-based application enables you to monitor your critical shipments. This breakthrough device is permitted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to be used during flight on FedEx aircraft and measures accurate temperature, near-real time location, exposure to light, relative humidity, and barometric pressure. Customizable alerts can be set and will provide a notification if a package exceeds their preset limits. All of this information can be shared continuously with invited participants through a feature-rich web-based platform. The presenter will demonstrate the features of the device & service, discuss technical aspects & challenges of the applied technology, and share a vision for the future of SenseAware as a customer-facing service and first step into making sensor-based logistics a core part of FedEx's operating infrastructure.

Biography of Angela Foster

Angela Foster is the Director of IT for SenseAware strategy & development. In partnership with her Partners in Business and Operations, she's helping to scale FedEx Innovation's newest sensor-based logistics platform to a global service offering. In addition to her work on SenseAware, Angela chairs the Sensor Based Logistics Council, which performs strategic research & development of dynamic wireless device technologies across the FedEx operating companies. She is also the lead organizer of TEDxFedEx corporate events.


e-mail: sensornets.secretariat@insticc.org