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Partner Events

Conferences, congresses and other meetings related to this event or one of its satellite events are welcome to enter a partnership with SENSORNETS by means of which the events assist each other in divulging their events through a link exchange and/or by publishing information about the partner events.

Current Partner Events:

High End Sensors International Conference

High End Sensors International (10-11 April 2018, Brussels, Sheraton Airport Hotel) is a 2 day Conference and exhibition which will provide comprehensive coverage of market opportunities for the high-end sensor market featuring 30+ presentations across 10 key topics including:

· Defence, Security, Aviation and Aerospace High-End Sensors

· Imaging and Optical Sensing Advances

· Maximizing Sensor Data Acquisition and Analysis

· Optimizing IoT and IIoT Sensor Networks and Security

·  New Approaches for Power Control and Energy Harvesting

· Radar and LiDAR Innovations

· Advances in MEMS Sensor Development

· Metrology and Test for High-End Sensors

· Enhancing Sensor Performance: Embedded, SoC and Machine Learning

·Emerging Opportunities and Applications